Saturday, January 14, 2017

Just so you know . . .

For anyone who stumbles across this blog and cares to know, this is who I am:  Professor of Communication at Dalton State College and Chair of the Department of Communication, which in our case encompasses performing arts (theatre and music), foreign languages (French and Spanish), and communication.  I am also
  • Editor of the Journal for Academic Excellence, a publication of our Center for Academic Excellence (Teaching and Learning or Faculty Development Center).  Follow this link to find it; there are some really good articles in it, but our pipeline has dried up.  
  • Campus Champion for Open Educational Resources and Affordable Learning Georgia and co-author of Exploring Public Speaking:  The Free Dalton State College Public Speaking Book with Dr. Kris Barton (free PDF download, but it's a big file)
  • Immediate Past President of the Georgia Communication Association
  • Former Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs (Interim)
  • 2015 Ed.D. graduate of the University of Georgia
  • Author of Traveling Through, Cross Road, Legacy, The Unexpected Christmas Visitors, and Bringing Abundance Back, all on Amazon in digital and print 
  • Tired person whose home has a veneer of being well kept but really isn't.
  • I do other stuff but the point is not to be pretentious but to be sure that if you read this blog you know where I am coming from

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