Thursday, July 28, 2016

Life Transitions

This is the last official week of my 19-month stint that was supposed to be 6 months in Academic Affairs at my college.  In the role of Assistant Vice President, I was stretched every day and loved every minute of it.  I will always consider it the high point of my career (and not just because of the salary increase).

My next role is as Chair of the Department of Communication, where I will supervise twelve other full-time faculty, about ten adjuncts, a bachelor's degree program, and two associate's.  These include core service classes in communication, theatre, music, foreign languages, and art.  We are also launching a new bachelor's program in communication.

The differences are great, and in some ways the new role will be a bigger challenge.  I also didn't know what I didn't know before; now I do know my gaps in knowledge and skills better.

I am working on a book about leadership principles as shown in the book of Daniel.  This will I believe help others and also prepare me for the job and for a class I will be teaching. 

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