Friday, September 11, 2015

Checking In

It has been quite a while since I blogged here.  My life is quite busy, as I am a second tier (my terminology) administrator now, find myself teaching two traditional and one online class, and am helping to create a textbook for basic speech.  This last is in response to receiving a grant.  Open Educational Resources is very big in the University System of Georgia right now, and my colleagues and I won quite a large grant for this project.  It's overwhelming.  I have written two speech textbooks before, one in two editions, but now technology has changed so much that the attempt is quite different.  Perhaps I will write a good long blog post about this experience. 

Being so busy, my academic writing has suffered, and that is disappointing to me right now because one of the reasons I pursued a doctorate at this stage in life (graduating in my late 50s) was to do research and write on student learning, adult learning, and faculty development.

That said, it looks like certain posts continue to be popular--Group Dynamics in Twelve Angry Men, Facilitating Transformational Learning, Educating Rita and Adult Learner, and Self-Directed Learning.   I hope I am getting some citations somewhere!