Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fall Semester vs. Spring

Is there a difference in starting classes in the fall and the spring? Yes, I think there is a world of difference, as a teacher, at least. For one, you are starting in the dark, so to speak: I leave for work in the dark and usually get home at dusk. The students seem less eager, more tired, maybe. They seem to have more financial problems, and more financial aid ones. Since I teach freshmen most of the time, I have students in the spring who are more aware of the system and I don't have to explain as much. Of course, I also have fewer classes (although not this semester) because we teach on a 5-4 schedule. (But at our college many teach overloads). We also get a spring break (too early) in the first week of March.

What other differences? Comments would be appreciated.

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