Monday, December 20, 2010

To Online or Not to Online #2

So, why should you teach online, if you have a choice?

1. There are some neat tools out there to learn about.
2. It will open you up to some possibilities and revitalize your thinking about higher ed, if you let it.
3. You can teach from home, on the road, etc. Some institutions allow much more flexibility about scheduling.
4. You can structure assignments in ways that simplify grading.
5. After the first two semesters, it gets easier.
6. The best news is that the half online option--hybrid--is really best. You still see the students but they are responsible for lecture material and the class time can be spent more usefully.
7. Your colleagues will think you are "on the cutting edge." (well, maybe) Your administrators will probably like you better.
8. For the altruistic, it really does help nontraditional students.

Not convinced? Then you probably won't be.

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