Saturday, October 30, 2010

Teaching Tip #14

Always work ahead. Remind students of the semester schedule frequently. Post it on the board when you come in. Post an agenda of the class' activities for that day on the board, too. This assumes getting to class early, another tip.

I went to observe a colleague, who was kind enough to let me do so to see his/her technique for teaching literature to freshman. But he/she was ten minutes late to class. I have to say I was appalled. I am always five to ten minutes early, getting the technology set up, taking roll, being able to deal with students ahead of time.

It is said C.S. Lewis would lecture this way: he entered the door, right on time, started to talk at the door, still taking off his coat, and put on his coat and continued lecturing as he walked out the door. Far be it from me to criticize Lewis, obviously a brilliant man. But that's not good pedagogy in the 21st century.

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