Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Promise I Won't Do This Much

However, this entry, although also posted to my other blog, was too priceless, and it's very related to college teaching.

From a student. This is why I shouldn't let students on my Facebook page.

so this weekend,I was in D'iberville mississippi in Target. I was walkin to the bathroom when i received a call from NAMED FRIEND. As I walked in the restroom I finished my call and hung up the phone. Took a REDICULOUS dump, Then I got up to was my hands realizing a young attractive lady was standing beside me. t...urn around 2 find NO urinals on the wall.thanks Bro for "just wanting to talk"

This tops the one I got a few weeks ago from a former co-church member who was fussing and whining about people posting about their kids' vomit. And this from a woman who posted a picture of her husband's butt crack.

Do you let students on your facebook page? Why or why not? Do you have a separate page for them as friends versus others? I figure I am available through email on two separate platforms, so I'd personally like to keep my friends my friends and my students my students in cyberspace, although there is a lot of overlap in real space.

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